IN A TRANCE … A story by Upaa Eucharia Nonnita.

Kenny where do we go from here, I asked as we drove pass the supermarket where we went to get some stuff for the house. He just smiled and said “baby home”. Kenny and I have been dating for some couple of years and I would describe us as a perfect match that was made directly from heaven, I love Kenny and he loves me too.
I met Kenny at the airport when my sister sent me to go get something from her colleague, I had never been to the airport before but my sister insisted that I run her errands that day. According to her, she wanted me to go and know where the airport is since she always find it very embarrassing each time I say I have never been there. On getting to the airport, everything was so confusing, I couldn’t locate my sister’s colleague because her phone suddenly became unreachable. My poor innocent self was just wondering around when I ran into Kenny… he was like “hey, why are you looking so lost, are you looking for someone ” at first, I found his approach very rude but since I needed help I reluctantly told him yes, that I was looking for someone and the person’s number wasn’t connecting. From there, he helped me located my sister’s colleague, I collected what I wanted from her and I was set to leave. Kenny walked me down the road and we exchanged numbers in there process.
We gradually became friends and one thing lead to another, before we knew it, we were already in love and that was how our love story started. We were not just inlove, we were also each others best friend, we talked about everything, there was no secrets between us.

on getting home, I saw alot of people in the house and I was wondering what was happening, I was so confused because the last time I checked, there was no one in the house when we left for the supermarket. I asked him calmly what was going on and he said “baby can you please just step out of the car” which I quietly did. Everyone was just starring at me with a kind of creepy smiles on their faces, as soon I we stepped into the house which was already full with guest,which where mostly my friends everyone shouted “happy birthday Brenda ”
Oh so it’s even my birthday, I have completely forgotten about it …and when the hell did Kenny plan all this… different thoughts were busy running in my mind then suddenly Kenny came behind me and held me by the hand and lead me to door, everyone followed us outside.
Guess what, I got a car as a birthday present from Kenny, I was so speechless, all I could do was cry. I was standing in front of the car with so many emotions running through my mind then my attention was called by Kenny on his knees. OMG he did it again, he brought out a ring and asked me to marry him, without hesitation I said yes yes yes I will marry you.

as I walked down the aisle with a big smile on my face, to meet the love of my life, with so many thoughts in my head, a drop of tear roll down my cheeks and I quickly wiped it out. the sermon was unnecessary long for me, all I wanted was for the priest to pronounce us husband and wife but all the preaching was getting in the way. Finally the priest asked ” do you take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife, to love and to hold, to cherish and to love, until death do u apart” yes I do, in Kenny’s voice. The same question was asked and I said yes… ” by the power vested on me, I pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride. My husband held me by the waist, drew into his arms and kissed me then he hugged me in an unusual way, it felt so strange and I knew something was wrong. His body suddenly became so cold and I couldn’t help but scream his name. His best man quickly ran to the alter and he was rushed to the hospital, on getting there, the doctor said we were too late, that we lost him. Lost him? What is he talking about, who did we lost, it can’t be my Kenny… According to my friends, that was all I was saying till I passed out, I thought it was a dream but I was wrong.
Kenny’s friend handed me a letter, it was from Kenny and it read…

Baby I’m sorry, I never wanted you to read this letter, at least not in our young age, I have been suffering from an illness and the time of my death was already known to me. Believe me when I say I never wanted to make you cry, I bless God for bringing you into my life, you brought so much love, joy, peace and happiness into my life I wanted to give you the same but it’s so unfortunate that fate has played a dirty game on us. Baby you have always wanted to travel the world and see places, I wanted to be by your side on every journey in life but since I can’t be there, I still want you you travel the world and see places. Baby I can only rest in peace when you are happy, forgive me for not telling you about my illness and I want you to know that, I will always love you even in death. Oh before I forget, you are officially my wife and all my assets has already been transferred to you, they are worth over three hundred million, my layer will brief you on that. Take care of your self….
After reading the letter, I became more heart broken and confused… please if you are in my shoe what will you do?