Everyone is on a quest to find power, some for the right reasons while some want power is for the wrong reasons. My name is Belinda Paris, this is my story…
I love my job, i have always wanted to be a lecturer right from when I was a kid. Growing up, I would pretend to be a teacher among my peer group and when ever they ask me why I was always taking the role of a teacher I will always smile without a word.
Life has been fair to me, God has been faithful. Each day I woke up with a very big smile on my face as I prepare for my daily activities, work in particular. I’m a lecturer with one of the most prestigious university in Nigeria, for me, been a lecturer has been one of my greatest achievement since it’s what I have always wanted to be even as a kid.
There was this faithful day I way sleeping at home then I got a call from my department asking me to report to school with immediate effect, I had no idea of what was going on so I immediately rushed to find out. On getting there, it was a total surprise for me as it was made know to me that I was appointed as the head of department. I can still remember the surprise on my face.
Fast forward to 2017…. I just had this sudden and unusual feeling to contest for the post of the vice chancellor. Most of my colleagues were in support and I took that to be a good sign. Campaign where seriously going on among the candidates, everyone one suddenly wanted to be close to the governor of the state. Honestly when I initially decided to run for the post of the vice chancellor, I didn’t know what was really required of me.

The competition is tough, everyone wants to win therefore they are willing to do the unthinkable to win the election. Stepping on others toes has become the order of the day. Anyways that’s not my problem, I have to think of ways of becoming the vice chancellor not minding the fact that I’m the only female candidate.
There was this faithful night I was sleeping then all of a sudden I heard someone screen so I quickly rushed out to check on my children. On getting there, I realized that it was actually an attach on my little girl’s life. Oh did I mention that by doing the unthinkable to win a particular post killing is one of their basic options? That attack was a spiritual attack but since they couldn’t get to me, they had to settle for my little girl.
People are evil, in fact the world is evil. It takes the grace of God for one to live or breath the breath of life these days. No one want to see another person occupy an important position in life let alone a woman but since I believe and I know that God is by my side, no evil shall come my way.
I’m Belinda Paris, I believe in fate and I also know that what is truly mine will never miss me and for that reason no matter how many attacks my opponent lunch against me, they shall never get to me.
Elections has just been concluded, by this time, my mind wasn’t really on the trophy since there was so many fishy underground deeds involved and I couldn’t keep up with the evil. I may not occupy the office but I know God has better plans for me and for that reason I remained so calm. On the day the result were to be announced, i went to my village to visit my farm.
There was no network in the village, so I had little or no information concerning the results. Later that day, I came back home in the evening and was busy preparing for the night when my little girl walked into my room to tell me there where people looking for me outside. I was so reluctant but I had to manage and see who they were, visiting me at this unholy hour of the day.
On getting there, I saw almost all my colleagues at work, I must say I was surprise to see them. In my confused state I asked what was going on, they all shouted a big congratulations our VC I was shock because I had given up on that dream.

Before I fully settled in my office, I invited some of my colleagues tto my office for some praise and worship before I settled in.
In the middle of the praise and worship, the floor became so wet, we had no idea where the water came from, at first we taught maybe someone mistakenly poured water on the floor, but we were wrong. The water came from nowhere and flowed right through the door. I could see the goosebumps on everyone body. It was a scarily moment for all of us but we believed that was God at work.

What is yours will never miss you.
The world is evil so don’t ever think or expect people to play fair.
When God is by your side no harm shall come your way.