It was a cold evening and captain Charles was bored and home alone so he decided to invite an old friend of his over for some couple of drinks and maybe a one night stand.

9pm sharp his guest for the evening arrived and captain Charles welcome her home with a hug..” Katie you look beautiful tonight ” said captain Charles as he pulled her into his arms, his left hand rested on her hips and his right hand kept on moving from Katie’s hair to her neck then to her hips. Captain Charles “Katie whispered as she gently leads captain Charles to the bed..this time captain Charles puller her more closer as he gently kissed her. Slowly and gently, he unbuttoned her dress leaving her in just her pant and bra…then he carefully kissed her perfect little figure then he unhooked her bra and gently planted a kiss on each on her nipple.

Just when captain Charles was about to dig his way to Katie’s treasure island, there was a knock at the door. At first they both tried to ignore it but the knocking got louder to the point that he decided to go and find out who it was.

As he walk to the door, he said to himself ” if it’s any of my boys then he is as good as dead”. With anger he opened the door and to his greatest surprise, it was the love of his life standing there with a smile on her face….how will he get out of this mess!!

  1. Story continued.