You think that’s funny right! look dear like i always say…whenever you feel the need to take a break from this relationship, just lemme know. Look Benny is not that i’m nagging right but this got to stop…you constantly keep bitching about everything that i do, you don’t ever see anything good in what i do.
Eric are you done talking? if you have then i will like to say something as well. look Eric, i want you to listen and listen good…i understand that this past few months has been really tough on us, i know i’m not perfect and i’m far from been perfect but you met me like that right from day one so i don’t understand why you are complaining. i have been patiently waiting for a day like this to come so that i will give you the break that you have been craving for all this time. I really need to take a work from this relationship, it’s not dong me any good. look Eric…i want you to know that this relation won’t work, is not that i don’t love you but you see i’m really not ready to settle down with you.
Eric could not control the tears in his eyes as he watched Benny pack her belongings from the house. They’ve been dating for three years now, Eric has done practically everything Benny asked of him. Though he knew she was cheating on him, he believed a day would come when she would realize her mistake and maybe perhaps she would take their relationship more seriously, he just didn’t know that instead of taking their relationship seriously,she would be breaking up with him rather.
With tears in his eyes, he rushed back to Benny to try if he could convince her about her decision but all his efforts were not fruitful, instead he got very insulted and then he decided maybe it’s best to give her the space she needs, she might eventually come back to her sense. That night, some of Eric’s friends came over just to cheer him up, they watched their friend cry over a girl that walked out on him…the more they tried to stop him from crying, they more he cried and his friends felt maybe it was best to let him cry it all out.
Weeks have come and gone yet there was no sign of Benny, each day was tough on Eric but like they always say, “LIFE MUST GO ON”. Benny on the other hand was busy have the greatest time of her life, travelling for one vacation to another with her new found love. Life has really been fair to her, she was leaving the life of a queen with everything a woman could ever ask for at her disposal. News spread like wide fire about the fabulous life Benny was living. Although it got Eric sad, i mean really sad he still managed to wave it behind him and move one.
Eight month has passed since Benny left Eric for a greener pasture and everything seemed to be fine. One Friday evening, Benny boyfriend Kelvin told her he was going for a friend’s party and asked if she cared to join him but she said no, she would be at home. Kelvin got back from the party unusually early and went straight to bed. the following day been Saturday, he got all dressed up and left the house before Benny could even wake up…though he left a note behind saying he had to be somewhere and he would be back before night fall.
At exactly 5pm, the wedding reception was over, that was when Benny started seeing the greatest surprise of her life. the party Kelvin went to was actually his bachelors party and his guys asked him to go home and sleep because the wanted him looking fresh on his wedding day. Benny was devastated, as a matter of fact, heaven was definitely too far for her to go and ask God why if not she would have gone. Benny was desperate, she needed to fine Kelvin urgently because she was running out of her mind. She contacted almost all of Kelvin’s friends but they all refused giving her information on his where about…though she over heard of the new brides maid of honor discussing about going to help their friend settle in so she decided to follow them. on getting there, for some reason, she decided not to go in that day since there was a a lot of people in the house. The following day, she went back to the house as early as 6AM. She kept knocking hard on the door and finally it was opened and who she saw almost gave her a heart attack…can you guess who Kelvin’s wife is? Her name is Erica, Eric’s twin sister…oh yes, she and Kelvin dated for eleven years before getting married.
It’s been a month since Benny actually got the shock of her life, she was getting so lonely and it wasn’t good for her so she decided to go back to the man who truly loved and cared for her. On getting Eric’s house, she was told that he doesn’t leave there anymore but she was given his new address.
On getting to to Eric’s new house, she was told that Eric wasn’t home but his wife was home, Benny was shocked, tears instantly started rolling down her cheeks. she decided not to wait anymore, just when she was about leaving the house, she heard a familiar voice from inside, it sounded more like her cousin’s voice. she was busy contemplating whether to go in or not, just then Eric arrive and his wife actually ran out to hug her husband…to Benny greatest surprise it was actually her cousin whose wedding she said she was too busy to attend.