some stories are better left untold says Jennifer as she ran in to her room with tears in her eyes. what is wrong asked Judith…did anyone say anything to you? please talk to me Jenny.
I went to see Eric on way back from work, when i got to his house..the front door was open so i went in, only for me to see Eric in bed with Amaka. stop crying Jenny says Judith..i can’t believe Eric would do this to you.
Judith i am not crying because i caught Eric cheating on me, i am crying for another reason. Hun!!!Jenny i’m lost, why then are you crying please talk to me. Jenny in a very disturbing voice ( trying so hard to sub-press the tears in her eyes finally managed to put her self together as she speak).
i hate cheats, i always tell Eric to break up with me when ever he feels the need to cheat but i thin he never took me serious. Judith you know Amaka, you how dirty she is? how could Eric settle for someone like that..when i walked into his bedroom an saw them in bed, though they didn’t see me and i made sure my presence was not felt so i locked the bedroom door outside and went straight to Emeka’s house and called him over to Eric’s place.
who is Emeka..asked Judith. Well.. Emeka is Amaka’s boyfriend and since it was fun watching them in bed, i thought he could as well enjoy the movie so i had to take him there. So back to the reason why i’m we speak now, Eric is receiving the beating of his life and the beating is so painful that i had to rush home and cry on his behalf.

Daughters of Eve’s episode coming soon…